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Heavy Weight Canvas Tarpaulins Dark Green 21OZ Waterproof


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Heavy Weight Canvas Tarpaulins Dark Green 21OZ Waterproof

This tarpaulin is made up of single-filled cotton duck. It is imported and then finished to a specific weight. Nickel-plated eyelets are spaced at a 2 ft distance for fixing. It is hard but breathable and sewed in such a way to maintain its tough nature.

Its fiber is natural and breathable and made up of canvas. Slight shrinkage can occur if exposed to a different temperature. Waterproof and abrasion resistive in nature. If they are exposed to water, these need to be treated again to maintain their properties.

NOTE: It is advisable to use these tarps with all the provided eyelets and add other eyelets if required to make it stress-resistant if it is used at excessive stress points.

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